great. now you have a hair on your tongue

But that’s what you get for licking a squirrel.

i capped it

while we’re here….

Giraffes seem like relatively clumsy creatures, thanks to their cumbersome-looking limbs and top-heaviness. Their bobbing walk, where both legs on one side are lifted in unison, looks positively relaxed. But looks can be deceptive. Giraffes have two modes of locomotionfast and horrifyingly fast or, as biologists put it, walking and galloping. A walking giraffe might seem slow, until you realize it can cover 4.5 meters (15 ft) with every step. That means even a leisurely walk gives it a speed of 16 kilometers (10 mi) per hour. And that’s just its normal, lazy cruise mode. If a giraffe decides to run, you’d better hope it’s not because it is chasing you. The fast and surprisingly graceful gallop of a giraffe can easily outpace a human, and even many horses. Its top recorded speed is a whopping 56 kilometers (35 mi) per hour. Still, giraffes are unlikely to replace horses anytime soon: Thanks to their long windpipe, they run out of breath quite quickly when running.

 Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. They are known to put on elaborate bogus food burying displays to deceive onlookers. The fake burials are to trick potential thieves, such as other squirrels or birds, into thinking that they have stored their food stock there. Any observers planning on taking the stash will then focus on the bogus burial site, allowing the squirrel to bury the real stash elsewhere safely.


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